Popular Writing

Don’t like reading scholarly mumbo-jumbo? You’re not alone. Questions of energy, environment, and society are too important to remain in the ivory tower. Below are a number of concise articles I’ve written for anyone wanting to know more about energy and society.

Aeon Magazine, “New Tech Only Benefits the Elite Until the People Demand More.” September 3, 2016.

Washington Center for Equitable Growth, “Energy Transitions in the United States: Worker Opportunities Past, Present, and Future.” March 7, 2016.

Zocalo Public Square, “There is No Such Thing as a Spill-Proof Way to Transport Oil.” June 11, 2015. Reprinted in Time, The Houston Chronicle, and Orange County Registrar.

The Atlantic: “Fraud, Failure, and Frustration: This is the Story of America’s First Energy Transition.” April 15, 2014.

Huffington Post: “Natural Gas: Bridge or Dead End?” August 29, 2012.

 Huffington Post: “Keystone Pipeline: Facts and Fictions.” March 22, 2012.

Huffington Post: “An Oil Sand Marriage?” February 6, 2012.

ThinkProgress: “Exxon’s Climate Admission.” September 10, 2011.